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From the plantations of China to your home


The harvest is generally carried out during the spring. Once harvested, the tea shoots are distributed on bamboo boards to remove debris, impurities and "old" or poor quality leaves that could ruin the other leaves and the quality of the tea. Finally, the remaining leaves are washed in water.


The leaves are then distributed evenly on a bamboo plate and are left to dry in the sun for 3-4 hours, in order to remove all the water absorbed during washing so that the leaves emit the well-known tea fragrance. During the drying process the leaves must be turned every hour to prevent the temperature from rising too high and the leaves from being burned.


Once dry, the leaves are taken and browned in an iron pan to purify the leaves from germs and bacteria and to make them lose their integrity.


Once browned, the leaves are prepared for rolling. The leaves are placed in a pan at 80 degrees ( °C ) and kneaded with both hands, this serves to accelerate the loss of water remaining in the leaves without ruining the leaves themselves.


And finally, after letting the tea leaves cool, the leaves are spread out on a baking tray, placed in an oven at 80 degrees ( °C ) and turned every 4 minutes 3 times, then the temperature is lowered to 40 degrees ( ° C ) to allow the leaves to dry completely

The analysis

The apparently ready leaves are once again analyzed to guarantee the best quality, hygiene and safety before being marketed

The packaging

Finally, after this long and careful process, the leaves are packaged and brought from our warehouses to your home, to allow you to experience China from your comfortable sofa


Our tea is harvested exclusively in the Yunnan province in southern China


We ensure our tea leaves are the best of the crop through an advanced filtering system


Shipment is made within 24 hours of the purchase date and delivery within 24/48 hours